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Toronto: Aftermath of 3.5 alarm fire at Downsview townhouses 12-5-2020

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At 10h00 this morning heavy fire broke out at a residential townhouse complex under construction in the Downsview area of Toronto, Canada. Firefighters arrived to find the structure well involved and shooting flames up high over the third story of the vacant building under construction. Toronto fire crews battled the so called difficult blaze for many hours until it was finally brought under control, but not before it caused considerable structural damage leaving walls and roofs darken and broken. The fire spread to other attached townhouses but TFS crews managed to save some of the Frederick Tisdale Drive yet uninhabited building. Thankfully, none of the emergency crews or the bystanders suffered serious injuries during the brazen fiery incident. The blaze which is now under investigation required more than the regular amount of apparatuses to be deployed at a 3 alarm fire, but less than a 4 alarm fire making it a three and a half alarm fire.

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