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Toronto: Best firetruck in city's history 230' Bronto Skylift folding up 8-13-2023

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Over two days of firefighting later and this massive apparatus was spotted folding and packing up after being put to the test for its real first assignment. The brand new 70-meter (230 feet) articulated telescopic platform dubbed "Tower 1" was deployed in the early morning hours on Friday August 11th 2023 to assist several other TFS crews. A large fire at a chemical plant factory was raging and numerous aerial ladders were used to combat the flames in a defensive method, meaning from the outside only. Other videos posted on our channel of this fire showed the tall fire truck with two firefighters on board its bucket applying a constant heavy water stream on the continuously burning blaze below. The amazing Tower 1 firetruck was inaugurated and welcomed to the service last year in 2022 and despite having been used already in a few minor instances at incidents within the past year, the August 11th fire was the first extensive use of it. One day after being deployed for this incident, Tower 1 departed the scene of the fire at the corner of Martin Grove and Vulcan Street only to be brought back on August 13th to assist with flare-up during which the footage in this video was filmed.

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