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Toronto: Bystander shot and killed during violent carjacking collision 9-3-2021

At 1h30 pm today construction workers were struck by a vehicle on Steeles Avenue west of Dufferin Street in Toronto, Canada. The driver who apparently tried to flee the scene after impact was subdued by numerous bystanders among them the colleagues of the injured workers. In the aftermath's scuffle, shots were apparently fired by the suspect driver and injured one innocent person who later died in hospital. In an initial report, Toronto police tweeted about an incident in which they said someone was found suffering gunshot wounds at that location. York Regional Police and York Paramedics were also dispatched at the scene and helped the victims on the border of two cities North York and Richmond Hill. Two other people were transported to hospital with non life-threatening injuries for a total of three injured parties. The vehicle that struck the workers is a black pickup truck that police believe was the subject of a carjacking and theft moments prior to the collision. A gun can be seen laying on the ground near the location where the pickup truck came to a rest and a stretch of road is visible with debris aligned in a destruction path. For unknown reasons at this time, the SIU has been assigned the case and all police have released information that their officers were not present at the site before the altercation.

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