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Toronto: Car launched off Highway 427 in miraculous high speed crash 9-2-2021

At 3h pm today a driver miraculously walked out of a car after launching and crashing it off Highway 427 in Toronto, Canada. Surveillance camera in the distance captured images of the vehicle driving at highway speeds launching and climbing up a hill. The accident happened along the northbound lanes of Highway 427 just south of the Rexdale / Derry offramp on the border of Toronto and Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. After further extensive review of evidence found in the CCTV captured footage and viewing an enhanced version of the video, it becomes clear that the faulty vehicle sped prior to impact as it passed another car in the fast lane. The vehicle is then seen drifting across all lanes and onto the ditch before being propelled up a hill right at the location of the busy interchange. In theory the elevated terrain acted as a deterrent for the velocity of the projectile that circled around a lamp post, nearly avoiding it. In mountainous areas of the country, such ramps are used to escape runaway trucks on long stretches of roads in the forest and are an essential safety device. Nobody was injured in the vehicle involved or in other vehicles in the immediate vicinity and the driver walked out of the wreck with non life-threatening injuries.

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