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Toronto: Car ripped apart and cut in two in fatal crash 12-10-2020

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At 11h30 last night numerous Toronto Fire Services apparatuses were deployed to the location of a serious accident in Etobicoke, a neighborhood in Toronto, Canada. Along with Toronto Paramedics, York Paramedics were also dispatched to the scene while TPS officers blocked the roadway. At the crash site, a vehicle lays in a wreck on the sidewalk after being split in two upon a high velocity collision. One occupant was ejected and pronounced dead on scene on Martin Grove just south of Steeles in Etobicoke. The significant impact sheared off the complete front section of the small sedan car leaving no chance of survival to the driver. The vehicle which appears to have been modified for racing purposes shows heavy duty reinforcement bars in the back doors. Collision reconstruction officers from the Toronto Police Services have been assigned to the case.

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