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Toronto: Cop snatches drone in flight at scene of accident 3-15-2023

Footage of a TPS police officer snatching and walking away with one of our The 4K Guy's crew drone at scene of incident at the corner of Rexdale Blvd and Highway 27 in Toronto, Canada. At 1:00 pm Wednesday March 15th 2023 officers from the PRP engaged in a police chase for a stolen car in the Rexwood Avenue sector of Malton, a neighborhood in Mississauga in the Peel Region of Ontario, Canada. They chased the suspects driving an SUV into the streets of Toronto and collided with the vehicle at the corner of Rexdale Blvd and Highway 27. At that location, a perpetrator was seen handcuffed and being taken from inside a police cruiser to an awaiting ambulance to be assessed and charged. Paramedics and police from both regions TPS and PRP gathered at the site of the chase ending due to the proximity of the city limits to help occupants. No serious injuries were reported in this incident and a total of four people have been arrested in relation to the theft. A cop who reached and caught the drone that was recording in flight took it away into a police cruiser, an investigation is underway.

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