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Toronto: Cops find man shot in car after crash on the Queensway 4-28-2022

At 10h pm Thursday night a man was shot to death in the High Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The male victim in his thirties appears to have been shot at the corner of Southport Street and Windermere Place just north of the Queensway on the border of Etobicoke where evidence markers were placed on the ground. Emergency crews received a call for that location with the mention of VSA for one victim. An update later clarified that the man was found unconscious in an SUV that had crashed at a secondary location on the Queensway at the intersection Coe Hill Drive 300 meters away from the first scene. Paramedics along with fire services and officers from the TPS attempted to save the shot up victim's life and transported him to a trauma hospital where he was declared dead.

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