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Toronto: Drake's plane quick turnaround at Pearson Airport 7-10-2021

At 4h pm today Toronto native rapper and international superstar Drake landed in his private airplane at YYZ Pearson International Airport located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The singer was spotted by witnesses leaving the airport terminal with some of his entourage in black SUV's. Airline crews deplaned temporarily while customs agents conducted a search of the aircraft of provenance from Las Vegas, Nevada. Officers from the Canadian Border Services Agency canvassed the interior of the Boeing 767 operated and given to Drake by Cargojet with sniffing dogs. Other K9 detector dogs from the CBSA were seen going through luggage laid temporarily on the tarmac. A group of passengers took personal effects in and out of the airplane before it was set for departure an hour later onto Hamilton. The Canadian company Cargojet had offered the customized luxury plane with its distinctive livery representing the OVO logo to Drake last year and has been operating it since then. One of the most famous stars in the country who is back in his hometown has held his fans by the lips, postponing his much anticipated album Certified Lover Boy since the beginning of the year.

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