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Toronto: Five alarm fire throws numerous residents to the streets 12-10-2020

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At 8h30 last night a fire was found burning in a residential unit of a large 14 story apartment building located at the corner of Bathurst Street and Steeles Avenue in Toronto, Canada. The incident rapidly grew and was eventually upgraded to a 5th alarm fire about an hour after it started. Numerous people were trapped inside the building and exited on their balconies to take shelter and await rescue. Two people were pulled out of the building by firefighters among them one remains in critical condition. A staggering amount of TFS fire apparatuses gathered and took over a nearby parking lot of a shopping mall to establish a command center. Two firemen suffered injuries and were transported to hospital along with the two other patients. Fire appears to have originated on a 5th floor unit, from which the most critical patient was found. All traffic was halted on Bathurst south of Steeles with the help of Toronto Police officers and special constables. Multiple Toronto Paramedics ambulances as well as York Paramedics were spotted at the busy and chaotic scene that unfolded throughout the evening. At about 10h30 and after a two hour lengthy fire battle, TFS chief Matthew Pegg gave a press conference in front of the still burning building to explain how his crews have managed to come to get a grip on the difficult and major blaze and to give an update on patients conditions.

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