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Toronto: High velocity crash rips car in half when hitting utility pole 11-13-2021

At 8h pm an automobile traveling at high speed struck a pole and sheared in half on the Queensway east of Park Lawn in Toronto, Canada. Initial 911 dispatch reports mentioned that one person out of the two occupants was trapped inside one of the two parts of the wreck. First crews to arrive on scene confirmed that a vehicle had been ripped apart and laid on the roadway cut in two separate parts. Firefighters extricate one female adult from her seat who was transported to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. One male adult was also transported to hospital where he remains with serious injuries. Both people who took place in the Acura mark car were in their early twenties. The collision happened as the couple traveled westbound on the Queensway along the streetcar tracks at the Humber Loop. Debris scattered across the tracks show the violence of the impact that caused the vehicle to collide with the unbreakable pole. Meanwhile in the west end part of the city and during one of the busiest final weekend nights of the warm season, another accident claimed the life of a child. In a senseless and what appears to be a preventable incident, a car driven by the mother of the toddler crashed into a tree at Renforth and Rathburn killing the 6 year old passenger and leaving her with minor injuries:

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