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Toronto: Kid bystander shot during Jane & Finch gun battle 11-7-2020

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At 2h pm yesterday, an utmost and most extreme careless display of gun violence unfolded at a high rise apartment building at the corner of Jane and Finch in Toronto, Canada. One gang opened fire on members of another one before striking a twelve year old kid who happened to walk nearby, injuring him critically. The boy was on a shopping trip with his mom when a stray bullet struck him and as Toronto Police media officers explained, he was 100% a completely innocent victim. Two groups of people riding in two different cars gathered in the parking lot of New Glen Apartments located at 25 Stong Court in North York. According to police, members of one group fired gunshots into the other car, striking three people inside a well as the fourth victim, the 12 year old passerby. The bullet that was unintentionally fired and that struck that latest of four victims appears to be the result of a careless and relentless act of the sheer raw violence that some gun owners in the GTA have been displaying in recent years. In more than one occasion this year, selfish and egocentric reckless gang members have used guns to shoot at each other, completely ignoring citizens that may be in the path. Among them, in June a CCTV camera captured an incredible wild gun battle off a 401 ramp during the vigil for a Toronto rapper that was also fatally shot. Mayor John Tory has since posted a statement expressing his disgust for this terrible incident and this ongoing matter and the TPS forensic investigation team has taken over the case.

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