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Toronto: Knife fight at Victoria Park high school ends in murder 11-16-2021

A fight that left three people injured with stab wounds at class dismissal today left one person dead in Toronto, Canada. The call came in for a "crime related" incident at 3h pm on firefighter scanner radios at an address of 15 Wallingford Road in North York, a neighborhood in the city's north end. It mentioned that one patient was found unconscious and bleeding from severe stabbing injuries, alongside another victim who suffered lesser injuries. An emergency run was created by TPS to help paramedics transport the unconscious patient to a trauma center it utmost rush. A third patient suffering from stab wounds was found an hour i to the incident and was also treated and carried to hospital by Toronto ems. One person was arrested on property in relation to the crime. The Victoria Park Collegiate Institute located in the area of Highways 401 and 404 is now the center of a crime scene investigation. Police have not disclosed the identity, gender or age of any of the victims or the suspect leading to the theory that all involved parties might be underaged. As of Wednesday, the deceased victim has formerly been identified as 15 year old student Maahir Dosani. In a recent updates the police declared that the suspect 19 year old Ahmed Rafin had been charged with second degree murder in Dosani's death. A large gathering had occurred outside the school building when the fight apparently broke out. Emergency crews were called in to the large school complex only to find Dosani unresponsive on the back football field and running tracks where evidence markers lay on the ground. Rafin was not a student at Victoria Park and nobody else has been charged in relation to this incident.

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