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Toronto: Limited water supply at raging 5 alarm fire inferno 12-27-2020

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At 6h pm last night what would become a major fire started at an abandoned building at the corner of Dundas Street and Lansdowne in Toronto, Canada. Fire crews engaged in a working fire battle and encountered water supply issues from the start. Strong winds and a mix of hail and snow worsened firefighting conditions and crews at some point broke ice accumulation on equipment with an axe. Not only the weather challenges contributed to a more difficult intervention, the difficult access to the vacant structure also gave an extra challenge to fire fighters who operated from numerous vantage points. Apparatuses were mainly concentrated on the Dundas Street overpass that carries traffic over the railway that was shut because of the incident. A warning was made to Via Rail and other train companies about the need to assess the tracks before reopening to train traffic. Toronto Fire Services crews also operated using fire hydrants located in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. Some crews also parked a pumper truck at the corner of Sorauren Avenue and Geoffrey Street to provide water to a ladder truck that conducted a defensive aerial operation from the parking lot of a residential apartment complex located at that same intersection. All traffic on Dundas Street was shut down while north and south bound traffic on Lansdowne remained open. Police have secured a safety perimeter around the main body of the intervention and no injury has been reported in this major incident.

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