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Toronto: Police + FD convoy escorting EMS with critical victim of triple shooting 1-3-2022

At 9h pm tonight three people were shot at a building on 30th Street south north of Lake Shore Boulevard in South Etobicoke, a neighborhood of Toronto, Canada. Two of the victims are men and suffered critical injuries and the third victim is a woman in non life-threatening condition who suffered a gunshot injury to the leg. Moments after the numerous dispatch calls to ring on emergency radios concerning the serious incident, a convoy of numerous police cars from TPS were caught roaring their engines and sirens while escorting the ambulance carrying one of the victims in utmost urgency. Several TPS cruisers preceding paramedics rushed through the shut down intersection opening the way and warning motorists of the important approaching transport. More police SUV's along with a rarely seen TFS fire chief suburban following the concerned ambulance zoomed past immobilized cars stopped at the blocked corner. The imposing convoy driving eastbound on Horner Avenue made a left turn northbound onto Kipling Avenue likely to use the Gardiner Expressway to reach St-Mikes trauma center in downtown Toronto. Homicide investigators have gathered and will examine the evidence while several TPS cruisers remain parked at the scene of the crime.

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