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Toronto: PRP and TPS police cruisers responding CODE 3 to Woodbine Casino 1-13-2021

On an unknown date this year an emergency call had police services from two different cities converge CODE 3 to a location at night. Lights and sirens resounded across the Rexdale and 427 neighborhoods located by YYZ airport as police cruisers arrived. The loud emergency vehicles traveled northbound on Highway 427 and are seen exiting at the Derry / Rexdale off ramp onto eastbound Rexdale Boulevard. An unknown criminal act apparently was the cause of disruption that had the rare effect of several police units from two different departments responding to the same incident. The Woodbine Casino's large commercial property that includes horse race tracks is located in the Rexdale area of the Etobicoke neighborhood of the west end of the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Less than a kilometer away to the west is the border of the cities of Toronto and Mississauga made of Highway 427 and it is likely that this urgent call required all hands on deck hence the presence of the PRP.

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