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Toronto: Rubble seen by drone looks like an environment disaster 8-13-2023

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Extended 30 minute footage compilation filmed on Saturday and Sunday August 12th and 13th shows the extent of what could be a local environmental disaster following an industrial fire that broke out in the night from Thursday to Friday August 11th 2023. Toronto Fire Services responded in force majeure to a building manufacturing lubricant and engine oil among other highly flammable liquids at one o'clock in the morning. Three days into the incident and smoke can be seen rising from the darkened rubble of metal roofing panels and overblown charred metal drums used to contain what is now vaporizing reminiscent of burning toxic fluid. The Ministry of the Environment of Ontario was immediately notified in the early night hours of the initial inferno's breakout but aftermath bird's eye view shows the real concern of this disaster that affected the entire neighborhood. Monday status update and firefighters remain at the scene to monitor the hotspots which once in a while have been re-igniting within the debris of the structure.

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