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Toronto: Six people shot in drive-by shooting on Eglinton 9-2-2020

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At 2h am this morning 6 people were struck by gunshots as they were gathered at one of the few opened businesses on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto, Canada. The violent act of savagery happened as numerous customers were at the commercial location at the corner of Oakwood. The driver of a black SUV pulled up at the front of the building and someone opened fire randomly on everyone that stood there. A total of six people were hit by bullets and all suffered non life-threatening injuries. Upon arrival at the scene, the first EMS crews were frantic to have more ambulances dispatched to the scene urgently. Toronto Fire Services also deployed numerous apparatuses to come to provide first aid as it is normally the case for crime related calls in the GTA. Police in high numbers also gathered at the site of the crime and blocked Eglinton Avenue both ways. This incident has miraculously left no one dead even though it happened in a very busy area of the city. The brazen and completely careless events that unfolded earlier today is yet again another testimony to the real and severe gun problem that Toronto is facing.

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