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Toronto: Suspect killed by train while fleeing double murder scene 9-12-2020

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At 2h30 yesterday afternoon emergency crews received a string of 911 calls informing them about a violent incident that was unfolding in the Weston area of the city. Initially, a crime related call was placed at the intersection of King George and Church in the Weston and Lawrence neighborhood of Toronto, Canada. At that location, two people, a man and a woman were found with stab wounds at a home and died from their injuries. The stabbing suspect, a man then fled the scene and was accidentally and fatally struck by a train traveling on the nearby busy railways. Forensic investigators were deployed to the scene and established a command center on King George Street using a large police van. The investigation is ongoing but no other suspects are outstanding. In a update later today, it was revealed that the suspect, 28 year old Tiberios Barcelos is the perpetrator and the victims are his parents, Iva Barcelos 59 and Joao Barcelos 64.

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