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Toronto: Third alarm inferno destroys brand-new York Mills luxury home 10-5-2021

At ten o'clock on Tuesday night October 5th, fire broke out at a large 25000+ square feet luxury mansion under construction at the corner of Old Colony Road and Harrison Road in Toronto, Canada. The fire was quickly upgraded by the first TFS crews to a second alarm and then later on a third alarm. Toronto Police Services tweeted about the incident that had motorists on Highway 401 call in to the 911 central to report visible smoke in the area around the Bayview interchange in North York. At the scene, a brand-new two-story house that was still under construction became fully involved in flames that raged twice the height of the structure. Heavy flames raged out of the roof which quickly collapsed and through beautiful arch window openings. Firefighters battled the blaze relentlessly attempting to contain it to the one house in question, sporadically putting water on adjacent houses to protect exposure from the intense radiant heat that could be felt from a distance. Crews initially deployed an aerial water jet stream from the front of the residence and also fought the fire with ground hoses. A request to the City of Toronto was planned to increase water pressure in the sector due to high firefighting activity. Police also completely shut down Bayview both ways to allow a pumper truck to take water supply from a hydrant on the west side of the road, while the fire was burning on the east side of it. Paramedics were called in by firemen as well to take charge and assess a patient that took place in a neighboring house for discomfort. No other serious injuries were reported and bystanders explained that the house under construction was unoccupied and that the new owners were scheduled to move in soon.

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