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Two-hour nature walk in the snowy serene winter forests of Canada

Enjoy a peaceful silent two-hour walk across the coniferous and mixed forests of Eastern North America in the deep end of the frigid but beautiful Canadian winter. You will encounter various species of animals and birds that make winter their home like the Mourning Dove, Red Squirrel, Cedar Waxwing and Dark Eyed Junco.These species have adapted to frozen cold shorter days that Quebec and Ontario are infamous for and thrive and find food in a place where other species wouldn't last a week. At this time of the year, temperatures in the wild can plummet to extreme values sometimes reaching -30 Celsius where even humans could not survive without infrastructure. But these resilient and opportunistic creatures can and do, as you will be able to appreciate in this compilation. The crisp air lets the sun shine on the bright snow at times, while the wind wreaks havoc during snow blizzards at other times.

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