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USA: Before and after how wildland firefighters saved a house from the blaze 9-7-2022

Before and after view of a property standing near the intersection of Oak Drive and Minto Road in Hemet, California, USA amidst the Fairview fire that has lasted since September 5th 2022 and is now 98% contained as of today September 19th 2022. The first images in this video were filmed on September 7th 2022 where heavy fire can be rolling and approaching dangerously from Red Mountain, the highest peak on the right side of the screen. Numerous air drops performed by several airplanes where they released loads of fire retardant onto the vegetation were directed to establish a fire protective line between the fire and homes. Later footage in the second part of this video filmed on September 11th shows the reminiscent of the flames that came so close enough to a house that it torched nearby decorative plants and flowers. According to Ryan Barrier, Battalion Chief at the Palm Spring Fire Department all hands on deck was applied to battle the fiery inferno in the early days of the incident until heavy rain contributed to extinguish most of it on Friday September 9th. Barrier goes on to explain how deep burning roots can create a danger of re-ignition and even ground collapse as crews walk on the unstable terrain where non visible fire can still be burning. 

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