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Vaughan: Crash between semi and car causes critical injuries 6-16-2021

At 8:00 tonight a crash between two semi tractor trailers and a car at the corner of Zenway Blvd and New Huntington Rd in Vaughan, Canada left two people with life threatening injuries. It appears the collision happened as a semi crashed into one side of the passenger vehicle pinning it against another semi causing catastrophic structural damage to the smaller vehicle and serious injuries to its riders. All emergency crews responded to the call with a mention of VSA for one of the victims. It was later learned that two patients male adult patients were transported to hospital with life threatening injuries after they were riding together in the small car. Two other people suffered non life-threatening injuries, assuming to be the two drivers of the tractor trailers. The intersection has been shut for the evening as York Regional Police collision reconstructionists re-create and analyze the scene.

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