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Vaughan: Extended raw video of Italy Euro win Woodbridge celebrations 7-11-2021

One and a half hours of raw footage of the celebrations in Woodbridge, a neighborhood in Vaughan north of Toronto, Canada filmed on July 11th 2021 starting at the moment the game ended. In an exciting final game of the UEFA championship held at the Wembley Stadium located just outside of London, England on Sunday, the Italian team beat the English team in a shutout. In a wave of energy, crowds gathered at nearby restaurants converged and cheered under other fans out on balconies along Market Lane. In the hours following the big win, thousands of people waving the Italy flag filled Market Lane from Kipling to Islington. Police officers from the York Regional Police assured the safety of the large forming crowd along with Vaughan firefighters and York paramedics. Despite the high number of people of all ages, no incidents were reported as celebrations lasted into the night.

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