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Ville-Marie: Over 100 firefighters needed to extinguish 10-14 apartment fire 4-14-2021

At 3h pm today a fire caused significant damage to a residential apartment building on Lorimier Avenue at the corner of Larivière Street in the downtown Ville-Marie neighborhood of Montréal, Canada. The blaze propagated in the early moments of the incident from the higher floor of the building to the roof, sending plumes of smoke visible from a distance in the busy city core. Units on scene battled the fire using numerous ladders which was eventually upgraded to a 10-14 locally known as a 4th alarm fire. During the peak of the incident, the nearby popular and critical link between the South Shore and the city of Montréal, the Jacques Cartier Bridge was shut to northbound traffic. Fortunately, despite multiple residents being evacuated nobody suffered serious injuries but many people are now without a home.

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