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West Island: Public execution of gang member Stevens Cantave 2-6-2024

At 6h pm last night SPVM police officers rushed to the scene of a shooting at Galeries des Sources, a busy shopping center at the corner of Des Sources Boulevard and Highway 40 in the West Island area of Montréal, Québec, Canada. Upon arrival they discovered a male who suffered gunshots and who was declared dead on scene. His body can be seen lying on the pavement covered by a privacy tarp in the middle of a parking lot filled with shoppers in the midst of the dinner time hour chaos aftermath. In what appears to be an execution style gang murder, a suspect is reportedly on the loose after opening fire on the victim who died shortly after being shot and before being transported by paramedics on scene. Stunned onlookers eventually became trapped at the scene as cars that were parked within the safety perimeter were not allowed to leave due to the close proximity of elements that needed to be investigated. In an interview with us, public relation media officer Jeanne Drouin explains some details surrounding the fifth murder of the city of Montréal.

Video: Sidney Dagenais - @sdagenaisphoto

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