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The 4K Guy: The 8th annual emergency demo reel 2020

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This is our 8th annual recap of last year's most intense video moments and biggest stories of last year. This compilation of 4K raw breaking news footage showcases our most popular coverages of police and fire incidents that crews worked on last year. Every clip in this video was filmed at real active scenes on the field during ongoing emergency interventions. All footage in this yearly review was filmed in Canada and in France between January 1st 2019 and December 31st 2019. This year,  you've become 50000 people to follow us on our main channel. Thank you for your loyalty and keep watching! Check out our Nature & Variety channel:

Featured in this demo:  France spring riots: Paris Notre-Dame fire: Montreal thriftstore fire: Toronto downtown fire: Raptors parade shooting: Longueuil winter fire: Church presbytery fire: Ottawa bus accident:

Song ''Black Widow'' by Alterego licensing

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