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The 4K Guy: The great spring bird migration of Eastern Canada

The 4K Guy is introducing "The great spring bird migration of Eastern Canada", the trailer for a stunning 6 episode series of one hour video compilations in 4K of the wildlife of Eastern Canada:

Every year in spring, dozens of bird species arrive from the United States, Central America and South America to make Canada their home for the summer. Among them, a stunningly vast array of warblers and other colorful avian specimen fly in, sometimes in flocks, taking over the fresh North American deciduous and mixed forests that are slowly walking up after the arid winter.

This trailer features footage of migrating birds seen in the 6 episode series featuring other wildlife and available online at Footage was entirely filmed in the wild in 4K during the month of May in Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec, two critical wildlife areas of Eastern Canada. Some species featured:

- Blue-Winged Warbler - Chestnut-Sided Warbler - Yellow Warbler - Black and White Warbler - Blackburnian Warbler - Hooded Warbler - Magnolia Warbler - Black Throated Green Warbler - Black Throated Blue Warbler - Yellow Rumped Warbler - Pine Warbler - Palm Warbler - Mourning Warbler - Canada Warbler - Common Yellowthroat - American Redstart - Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher - Golden-Crowned Kinglet - Scarlet Tanager - Turkey Vulture - Baltimore Oriole - Orchard Oriole - Indigo Bunting - Warbling Vireo - Red Eyed Vireo - Collared Kingfisher - Northern Watertrush - Brown Trasher - Great Crested Flycatcther - Hooded Merganser

Music by ''Jurassic Media'' on Audiojungle

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