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The 4K Guy - Aerial: 2016 Drone Footage Demo Reel

This demo reel was made with aerial footage filmed exclusively in 4K in Ontario, Canada since September 2015. It contains images of a wide variety of subject matters such as nature, environment, energy, industrial and editorial. Follow us on Facebook: and on Twitter: @the4kguy or visit our website for more aerial and ground videos: This video compilation is a sample and is available for licensing in extended version without a watermark in 4K UHD Ultra High Definition (3840 x 2160). Contact / 1-800-208-3340 for licensing or any other request or visit The 4K Guy features breaking news videos and stock footage of real events, urban, nature and aerial scenes. We license footage for any project from school, music videos and YouTube projects to documentary, TV and films. Download our default and customizable Rights Managed license agreement here: Web: Email: Toll free: 1-800-208-3340 Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Watch our retrospectives & demo reels: 2016 Fire & Police: 2015 Fire & Police: 2014 Fire & Police: 2013 Fire & Police: The 4K Guy Variety: © The 4K guy 2016

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